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Setting up WordPress & Blog Objective

So, I’ve used this site before for class, but I’ve never actually used it to design my own blog. It was an experience trying to get the hang of where to find the features I wanted and explore what was available. There was a lot of trial and error but I think I’ve finally got a grasp of how to use this. The only previous blogging experience I have is through Tumblr, which is nothing extravagant and I have never used to post original content, so this will all be new for me.

My plan for this blog is to use it as a place to compile recipes for different foods mentioned in my favorite books and poems. I’ve always found it very interesting when a specific dish is mentioned and making or eating that specific thing is an odd experience when you connect it with the events of a piece of literature. It makes the work seem more real and almost visceral, so I think this will be a fun project to blog about. I got the idea from Emily Dickinson, who actually wrote some of her poems on the back of shopping lists or recipes for desserts. It’s so interesting to try and find the parallels between her writing and the recipes, or even to just imagine following the same steps and tasting the same food that she did. Hopefully this whole process will be just as interesting and enlightening.


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6 thoughts on “Setting up WordPress & Blog Objective

  1. I really like your idea! Very different and creative. Also like the way you have the links set up and the page overall. It seems like you spent a good deal of time organizing and it shows. The colors don’t strain your eyes, very easy to navigate and organized. Look forward to reading your entries and checking out what food is mentioned next.


  2. I really like this page and the way you set it up. It isn’t too much or too colorful and puts me in a nice calm mood. In addition, the combination of recipes and literature is a fantastic idea. Your “Front Porch” is very well done and leaves me at ease. I may have to go try some coconut cake after this.


  3. I really like your choice of colors. The pastels are very calming and the format is good for a recipe blog. The one thing I would recommend is that as your blog grows you create subcategories for recipes for easier navigation.


  4. I love the theme of your blog and the colors that make the theme look simple yet beautiful! I would recommend that you are a little bit more descriptive with your about me and about the blog because it’s a little short but I love the photos that you have in the about me section. Maybe even create a section that just says “blogs” so that it’s easier to access all of them as well.


  5. I love the theme of your blog so much! I think the colors work so well together and everything is clear to read. I like how everything is simple and easy to navigate to. One thing I would say is to maybe add something more to your home page to make it a home page and not just instantly your blog posts. That way it is more clear to see what your website is about right when you get on it instead of just seeing the first blog post.


  6. I really like how your blog is very simple but pretty. I think this is a great “front door” and I also think your “garage” is very efficient as well because it is very easy to navigate around your blog. I am really looking forward to the other recipes you will upload. Even though I can’t cook, I will really enjoy reading about the recipes! I would like to suggest that you should add pictures of the completed product of your recipe. For example, you can include a picture of coconut cake for that recipe. I think this will make it more visually appealing.


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