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Creating My Header

I have a lot of experience using Photoshop in the past, so I found this task a lot harder than I originally anticipated. For this project, I ended up using Pixlr since I don’t actually have access to Photoshop on my laptop while I’m away at school. The website was easy enough to use and manage, and I loved that it operates directly from my browser. However, I found it to be slow, temperamental, and increasingly frustrating to achieve the results I wanted. No matter how much I tried to play around with it, the wand tool was just way too unpredictable and I had to change my layer options multiple times before finding an image I could actually work with. It was tedious and aggravating and I feel like I settled in the end for something I didn’t have in mind originally.

That being said, I loved the process of searching and comparing photos and the process of thinking up ideas. I had a million possible concepts in my head while I was searching images, and I think I found it way more fun just thinking of ideas than I should have. It felt like those computer games I used to play as a kid where you get to mix and match outfits on virtual characters. I was just considering all of my possibilities with layering pictures and what kind of image I wanted to create in general. Though my current header might not necessarily reflect it at the moment, this was definitely a really great creative project and was really fun in that respect.

Despite all the trouble it gave me, I definitely feel more confident in using Pixlr. In fact, I think it may have taught me a bit more about some of the features that it shares with Photoshop as well that I haven’t used too much in the past. I think this definitely added a ton to my photo editing skills and confidence in that area in general.


6 thoughts on “Creating My Header

  1. Hey Michele, Nice work on your header!
    I never used any photoshop softwares so I thought Pixlr would be difficult for me, but it was so much easier than I thought! I loved how it was easy to navigate all of the tools, even without the video tutorial. I didn’t experience any slowness, but I did have a difficult time with the dimensions. I definitely agree with you on how the process of combining two of the photos were like mixing and matching outfits. Making the header was definitely fun and an experience for me!


  2. I agree that using the programs is definitely very difficult to get used to, but keeping at it makes the whole ordeal feel a little less overwhelming. Also, I think the header is very good for representing the purpose of your blog.


  3. Yea, i had the same issue. It felt very slow and i was unfamiliar with the program so it was extremely frustrating to use. But once you play around with it and look up some tutorials on how to use it. It’s not that bad to use.


  4. I think you did a great job with your header. The image is the right size and aesthetically goes along with the style of your website.


  5. I understand you completely with regards to the wand tool driving you nuts. I had the same issue, it’s extremely aggravating, especially when you’re trying to work in the tiny dimensions that the header allows for. But I was surprised with the results of your header! I was thinking of food when I read “Edible Content” but then I remembered the main purpose of your blog and I see how the images fit! Despite the aggravation, I think you’re header came out nice!


  6. I too have used Photoshop in the past and found that the slight similarities actually made it difficult as well. I had a lot of issues with layering and found it frustrating to edit different layers and merge them. Overall, the program did its job! I love your header! It is like a time capsale and I like how it matches the colors of your theme.


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