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Creating a Commercial

When thinking of how/what I wanted to do in order to begin this audio editing assignment, I thought it would be as tedious and difficult as the image editing. I’ve only ever used online splicing websites to cut audio and (kind of not legally) download songs and save them to iTunes, but I’ve never even opened up the Garage Band application that’s taking up space on my computer. After figuring out the functions and learning how to navigate around the site, I found it incredibly and thankfully very easy to edit my audio. That’s not to say this project wasn’t time consuming in its own right, however. It took me forever to find which tracks I wanted to combine and thought would work well together, and then recording my own audio was another mess. Between cringing at my own voice and my roommates making even the slightest sound in the background, my final product is less than perfect. With all that being said, I definitely found this project much more fun and can actually see myself using it for different projects in the future since I feel I have a good grasp on it now.

The songs I ended up using were “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman and “Booty Swing” by Perov Stelar. You can listen to my commercial by clicking here.

*Make sure your audio is turned down a good amount! Don’t want to kill any headphone-users. *



6 thoughts on “Creating a Commercial

  1. Great job on your commercial! I think it came out really great! I did have to put the volume down so thanks for the warning. I think the music in your commercial fits the vintage theme of your site very well. You did a great job giving us information about the content you’d post on your blog, too.


  2. You did great on your commercial. I think it came out great. It gave a great image to your page. The music you chose gave like a different style to your page. The commercial satisfied the idea behind your entire blog.


  3. Your commercial was great! I really like the song you used. I think it matches really well with your theme and it really matches your voice as well. I think the message you gave and the introduction to your blog was very good and a perfect way to show what you will provide on your blog.


  4. I really thought your song choices fit with the overall theme of your blog. It gave it a classy, old-fashioned feel that I think melds seamlessly with the idea of posting recipes from literature. Awesome job!


  5. The songs you used put me in a perfect mood for this type of site! I honestly was having a little bit of trouble figuring out how to post my own link and when I looked at your commercial it helped me figure it out. Well done and great blog!


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