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Screen Casting

The assignment for this week was infinitely more manageable and actually enjoyable, especially since I got to show off a long-time favorite blogger and YouTuber that I actually gather a lot of inspiration from. Jing was incredibly easy software to use and the whole process took me no more than 5 minutes. I would like to have had the ability to edit the media once I was done recording to get rid of my awkward ending, and I did have to re-shoot once because I got caught up on my words, but those were minor and I will take those issues over my struggle with Pixler any day.

You guys can watch my screen cast of Lucy’s blog here, and you can also check out her blog or YouTube channel for yourself if you’re interested.

As far as screen casting in general goes, it’s been immensely helpful in my own experience when I’m having tech issues of some sort and turn to YouTube tutorials on how exactly to fix it. The YouTubers are able to record their exact screen as well as every movement, click, and action so it makes for a foolproof step-by-step guided tutorial. While that’s the most common use I know of for this feature, I can also see it being expanded upon in more creative ways, such as sharing media with others while it’s in the process of creation instead of sending unfinished files back and forth. I’m sure there are and will be plenty of creative uses of this tool in the future, and I’m glad it’s one more skill I have mastered if I’m ever in a position to make use of it for myself.


8 thoughts on “Screen Casting

  1. Wow I never realized that you’re totally right, Youtubers use screen casting all the time! It is definitely a helpful tool when you’re lost and don’t know exactly how to go about something; step by step makes it so easy. I definitely like the blog you picked; the blogger has so many interesting stuff on her page.


  2. I hadn’t even noticed that Youtubers were always using screencast in their videos… Now I’m going to actually know what it’s called when I see it! It’s mainly for those videos where they’re teaching you how to fix something, or I’ve noticed that video game accounts do it a lot to show what they’re playing to the audience. Very cool! I think that you did a good job with your screencast and I really like the blog you picked to cover.


    1. In retrospect, I’ve watched so many screen casts! And I agree, most of them were videos to teach me how to fix something in SPSS or excel or different software.


  3. I also feel that this assignment was much more manageable than the other ones we did. It was very simple and so easy to use I was shocked. I really liked watching your screencast because I love watching youtubers and Lucy was one I had never heard of. Your screencast was also very thorough. I hope you will be able to use screencasting very usefully in the future!


  4. Yea i never really thought of anything when i watched youtube videos. I realize they were using a program to capture their screen but it never really clicked. Your screencast was very informative and the way it played out was smooth. Good job


  5. I did not even realize that Youtubers use screencasting so often. When i was trying to think about who would use this tool, they did not even come to my mind. This is something that is super important for them depending on what their content is. This is one of my favorite screencasts because not only is it entertaining, but very informative. I think you spoke well and it was super easy to follow!


  6. Well done! I like the topic that you chose and look forward to checking out her page more often. I agree that this assignment was much more manageable and only actually took me a few minutes to do.


  7. Great job on your screen cast! Her blog really does have a very nice visual aspect, and I like the images for each post that you can click on. She makes great use of the categories and it’s cool that they drop down from her top menu. I can see why you decided to pick this blog to do your screen cast.


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