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Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of really helpful and insightful comments on my past posts about how to improve certain features of my blog, so I’m definitely taking them into consideration and I plan on implementing a few new ideas into the posts to come. For this week’s assignment on how promoting our blogs through followers, I think one of the bets or most efficient ways of doing this is by tweeting or posting a link to my blog over Facebook with a line or two saying why you like it or what part of it you’re interested in. There’s even an option to share a specific post if that’s more suitable, so you can get a specific recipe and book reference out there to people you think would love it as well. This seems to be a really popular method of endorsing a product/website in general as you’re able to reach out to your entire circle of friends in one click and more people are likely to check it out if it’s coming from a trusted friend and not some kind of spam message from the creators themselves. Having a wider outreach would really be beneficial, as I’d have more input, ideas, and conversation circulating which is the whole goal of this blog in the first place! I’d love to have new ideas and a wide array of people contributing, as well as reading more people’s experiences with the cooking process or their interpretations of the text. Overall, I’d just love to see this community grow and develop and see where an increase in this community would take us.


5 thoughts on “Promoting My Blog

  1. I agree that Facebook is the best for promoting! Its so simple to do and accessible to anyone with Facebook. And a lot of people have facebook!! Its so easy to just share a website and be able to read a quick description of what its about. Facebook even pulls out a picture from your website to display when the link is shared. It’s great for marketing!


  2. Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing! I love using Twitter because the power that it has with hashtags is incredible! I’ve literally posted tweets with a hashtag and have gotten 5,000 views even though I only have like 100 followers. But Facebook is better when it comes to trusting your friends and the things that they post.


  3. Twitter and Facebook are two very great ways to promote! I also would like to tell you that I hope you get many promotions because I really enjoy your blog. The posts and recipes you make are so interesting because you connect them to movies such as Narnia and Series of Unfortunate Events!


  4. Facebook and Twitter were definitely the ones I thought of first when I read the assignment. I think from our experiences on the web we are able to see what platforms garner the most attention.


  5. My first two thoughts were also to use Facebook and Twitter. In today’s generation I feel like people would see the promotion on these two pages the most and it would actually bring about others to click on the blogs and look at what they are about.


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