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Creative Commons Images

These three images were found using a simple search of “reading” on the Creative Commons Search Engine. I chose these three out of the thousands that come up because they all worked really cohesively with each other and just seemed to match with my blog theme of books and a slight vintage element. When sharing images or media of any kind, it is always hugely important to give credit where needed and to make sure your use coincides with the fair use checklist. Going by these guidelines, these images are perfectly fine to use and post around the internet most importantly because they were found through a legitimate search engine that allows for free use of their image supply. If this doesn’t apply, and in many cases of sharing images it does not, the checklist ensures that the image is credited to the creator, used only for beneficial/teaching purposes,  and does not alter or distribute the content in any way. This comes into play when images or art or any form of media is found on the internet. Because it is publicly published may blur the lines between sharing in fair use and stealing content, so it is important to be aware at all times what areas of this checklist apply to the content you are sharing and how it is being shared. Little things like keeping the watermark on an image or doing a quick check to ensure you’re sharing the content from the original author can make a world of difference in keeping art and creators free to share responsibly.

In following with this, I make sure that each header image I use comes from Google’s advanced image search that provides selection of images available for free use, sharing, and modification. Otherwise, I make sure to link to the source at the end of my post, as I do with the recipe sources.




7 thoughts on “Creative Commons Images

  1. I completely agree with you that it is so important to always be aware of the information on the checklist and just to know about fair use in general, to avoid any trouble. There are so many images that I find on Google with watermarks and because I am too lazy to check, I usually just end up finding another picture I can use and be sure that it is allowed to be used.


  2. I really like the images that you’ve chosen. I definitely agree with you in the fact that you must give the original owner of the content credit for the work that is theirs in the first place. What I found really impressive is how much detail you incorporated into walking us through the process of what its like for trying to find content for fair use.


  3. I agree and I would’ve never even known about this checklist if our professor didn’t attach it for the assignment! I’ve never even heard of it before but it is something that everyone should know about and I think that it can be really helpful for students to avoid plagiarism and help any confusion that they have about it.


  4. I love the images you chose, and how cohesive they are. they really fit your blog and go well with each other. It’s good that the checklist is there to make sure the original creator is credited. It is very true that the line is blurred when something is publicly published because some people not even know that they are stealing content.


  5. Great images! They fit the aesthetic of your blog well. I agree that it is super important to give credit to anyone who you use their work. If someone took credit for something I created, I would not be happy about it! I think the checklist is great to make sure you can use an image without getting in serious trouble.


  6. The three images you picked go so well with your blog theme, as they have that very Victorian, bookstore feel to them. They’re aesthetically pleasing to look at along with the rest of your blog. Great analysis of the fair use process, and the depth that you went into to emphasize you’re ability to make use of the photos.


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