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Creating a Peanuts Character

For this week’s assignment, I used this website to create a customized Peanuts version of myself. This project was especially fun because it went right along the lines of the computer games I used to play when I was younger. Dressing up characters or customizing them to your liking was so fun as a kid, and clearly the novelty of that has not worn off. I found myself playing attention to detail and going back to change the shirt or shoes of my character to better match. I used to spend hours playing games like this online or just dressing up Barbie dolls in general, so this was definitely a throw back. This assignment was a lot of fun and proves how even the simplest games from childhood contained some degree of editing and creating.



6 thoughts on “Creating a Peanuts Character

  1. Your character is adorable. I do remember playing tons of games like this that involved editing a character and customizing the clothes, hair, etc. Two that stand out are Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, and Zoombinis. Both involved something similar to this- creating or customizing characters. Very simple games but I enjoyed them very much.


  2. I really love your character’s design! Honestly, making these made me think of myself as a child, albeit in Peanut comics form. I definitely agree with what you said that its just like creating your own video game character or Bitmoji.


  3. I went with the Peanuts as well. I liked the background you gave as to why you chose this site. And I think you’re right in saying the customizing of characters is definitely still really popular.


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