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As we’ve seen over the last few weeks in class, what makes content and media relevant and meaningful is the conversation it creates and the ideas it subsequently sparks. Creativity is about growth, discovery, and inspiration. Nothing is ever entirely original and everything we are and create is a collection of what we know already combined with what we learn and share along the way.

In terms of my own blog content, I know I really love seeing a strong relationship and interaction between creators and followers, so that is the kind of community I would really like to eventually create. Promotion is important in many settings, but for something as small-scale and recreational as this I think I’d rather emphasize community and let the promotion come from followers on their own. Sharing posts that someone has particular interest in through Facebook or Twitter or some other platform links my content with a network of people who share some degree of interest in what their friend is sharing, so I think that is often the most efficient method of promotion and has the most potential for it to take off.


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