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Similar Blog Comparisons

So, as original as this blog idea of combining food and literature originally seemed, there is no shortage of similarly-styled blogs around the internet. These range from amateur hobbies (like mine) to more professional-grade bloggers who do in-depth research on the authors and create their own recipes. With so many out there to gather inspiration from it’s hard to imagine that there is any significant differences among these blogs. However, each of these blogs finds entirely different books to study, themes to follow, and additional elements added to set them apart from the rest and make their blog unique to their own interests. For example, this blog combines the food and literature, but also includes tutorials on DIY projects and crafts that connect with their books (and movies). This blog also differs in their step-by-step picture documentation of the baking process and offering extensive studies of both the literature and the personal lives of the authors. My blog fits among these in terms of taking on a personal style with the vintage theme, and I think my posts are a more simplistic version of these more prominent blogs in that it just sums up a short quote about the food and then supplying a related recipe, even if it is not always an exact one. I think my posts are focused more on the vibe or atmosphere the food provides within the story rather than replicating the exact scene, so I think that is how mine stands apart.


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